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OpenSteer::Vec3 Class Reference

#include <Vec3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Vec3 (void)
 Vec3 (float X, float Y, float Z)
Vec3 operator+ (const Vec3 &v) const
Vec3 operator- (const Vec3 &v) const
Vec3 operator- (void) const
Vec3 operator* (const float s) const
Vec3 operator/ (const float s) const
float dot (const Vec3 &v) const
float length (void) const
float lengthSquared (void) const
Vec3 normalize (void) const
void cross (const Vec3 &a, const Vec3 &b)
Vec3 operator= (const Vec3 &v)
Vec3 set (const float _x, const float _y, const float _z)
Vec3 operator+= (const Vec3 &v)
Vec3 operator-= (const Vec3 &v)
Vec3 operator*= (const float &s)
Vec3 operator/= (float d)
bool operator== (const Vec3 &v) const
bool operator!= (const Vec3 &v) const
Vec3 parallelComponent (const Vec3 &unitBasis) const
Vec3 perpendicularComponent (const Vec3 &unitBasis) const
Vec3 truncateLength (const float maxLength) const
Vec3 setYtoZero (void) const
Vec3 rotateAboutGlobalY (float angle) const
Vec3 rotateAboutGlobalY (float angle, float &sin, float &cos) const
Vec3 sphericalWrapAround (const Vec3 &center, float radius)

Static Public Member Functions

static float distance (const Vec3 &a, const Vec3 &b)

Public Attributes

float x
float y
float z

Static Public Attributes

static const Vec3 zero
static const Vec3 side
static const Vec3 up
static const Vec3 forward

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSteer::Vec3::Vec3 ( void  ) [inline]
OpenSteer::Vec3::Vec3 ( float  X,
float  Y,
float  Z 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void OpenSteer::Vec3::cross ( const Vec3 a,
const Vec3 b 
) [inline]
static float OpenSteer::Vec3::distance ( const Vec3 a,
const Vec3 b 
) [inline, static]
float OpenSteer::Vec3::dot ( const Vec3 v) const [inline]
float OpenSteer::Vec3::length ( void  ) const [inline]
float OpenSteer::Vec3::lengthSquared ( void  ) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::normalize ( void  ) const [inline]
bool OpenSteer::Vec3::operator!= ( const Vec3 v) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator* ( const float  s) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator*= ( const float &  s) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator+ ( const Vec3 v) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator+= ( const Vec3 v) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator- ( const Vec3 v) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator- ( void  ) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator-= ( const Vec3 v) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator/ ( const float  s) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator/= ( float  d) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::operator= ( const Vec3 v) [inline]
bool OpenSteer::Vec3::operator== ( const Vec3 v) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::parallelComponent ( const Vec3 unitBasis) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::perpendicularComponent ( const Vec3 unitBasis) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::rotateAboutGlobalY ( float  angle,
float &  sin,
float &  cos 
) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::rotateAboutGlobalY ( float  angle) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::set ( const float  _x,
const float  _y,
const float  _z 
) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::setYtoZero ( void  ) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::sphericalWrapAround ( const Vec3 center,
float  radius 
) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::Vec3::truncateLength ( const float  maxLength) const [inline]

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