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OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle Class Reference

#include <SimpleVehicle.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleVehicle ()
 ~SimpleVehicle ()
void reset (void)
float mass (void) const
float setMass (float m)
Vec3 velocity (void) const
float speed (void) const
float setSpeed (float s)
float radius (void) const
float setRadius (float m)
float maxForce (void) const
float setMaxForce (float mf)
float maxSpeed (void) const
float setMaxSpeed (float ms)
float relativeSpeed (void) const
void applySteeringForce (const Vec3 &force, const float deltaTime)
virtual void regenerateLocalSpace (const Vec3 &newVelocity, const float elapsedTime)
void regenerateLocalSpaceForBanking (const Vec3 &newVelocity, const float elapsedTime)
virtual Vec3 adjustRawSteeringForce (const Vec3 &force, const float deltaTime)
void applyBrakingForce (const float rate, const float deltaTime)
Vec3 predictFuturePosition (const float predictionTime) const
float curvature (void) const
float smoothedCurvature (void)
float resetSmoothedCurvature (float value=0)
Vec3 smoothedAcceleration (void)
Vec3 resetSmoothedAcceleration (const Vec3 &value=Vec3::zero)
Vec3 smoothedPosition (void)
Vec3 resetSmoothedPosition (const Vec3 &value=Vec3::zero)
void annotationVelocityAcceleration (float maxLengthA, float maxLengthV)
void annotationVelocityAcceleration (float maxLength)
void annotationVelocityAcceleration (void)
void randomizeHeadingOnXZPlane (void)

Public Attributes

int serialNumber

Static Public Attributes

static int serialNumberCounter = 0

Private Member Functions

void measurePathCurvature (const float elapsedTime)

Private Attributes

float _mass
float _radius
float _speed
float _maxForce
float _maxSpeed
float _curvature
Vec3 _lastForward
Vec3 _lastPosition
Vec3 _smoothedPosition
float _smoothedCurvature
Vec3 _smoothedAcceleration

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::SimpleVehicle ( void  )
OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::~SimpleVehicle ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

OpenSteer::Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::adjustRawSteeringForce ( const Vec3 force,
const float  deltaTime 
) [virtual]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::annotationVelocityAcceleration ( float  maxLengthA,
float  maxLengthV 
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::annotationVelocityAcceleration ( float  maxLength) [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::annotationVelocityAcceleration ( void  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::applyBrakingForce ( const float  rate,
const float  deltaTime 
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::applySteeringForce ( const Vec3 force,
const float  deltaTime 
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::curvature ( void  ) const [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::mass ( void  ) const [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::maxForce ( void  ) const [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::maxSpeed ( void  ) const [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::measurePathCurvature ( const float  elapsedTime) [private]
OpenSteer::Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::predictFuturePosition ( const float  predictionTime) const
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::radius ( void  ) const [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::randomizeHeadingOnXZPlane ( void  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::regenerateLocalSpace ( const Vec3 newVelocity,
const float  elapsedTime 
) [virtual]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::regenerateLocalSpaceForBanking ( const Vec3 newVelocity,
const float  elapsedTime 
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::relativeSpeed ( void  ) const [inline]
void OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::reset ( void  ) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::resetSmoothedAcceleration ( const Vec3 value = Vec3::zero) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::resetSmoothedCurvature ( float  value = 0) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::resetSmoothedPosition ( const Vec3 value = Vec3::zero) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::setMass ( float  m) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::setMaxForce ( float  mf) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::setMaxSpeed ( float  ms) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::setRadius ( float  m) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::setSpeed ( float  s) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::smoothedAcceleration ( void  ) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::smoothedCurvature ( void  ) [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::smoothedPosition ( void  ) [inline]
float OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::speed ( void  ) const [inline]
Vec3 OpenSteer::SimpleVehicle::velocity ( void  ) const [inline]

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