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OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping Class Reference

#include <QueryPathAlikeMappings.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PointToPathMapping ()
void setPointOnPathCenterLine (Vec3 const &point)
void setPointOnPathBoundary (Vec3 const &)
void setRadius (float)
void setTangent (Vec3 const &t)
void setSegmentIndex (size_t)
void setDistancePointToPath (float distance)
void setDistancePointToPathCenterLine (float)
void setDistanceOnPath (float)
void setDistanceOnSegment (float)
void setDistanceOnPathFlag (float)
float distanceOnPathFlag () const

Public Attributes

Vec3 pointOnPathCenterLine
Vec3 tangent
float distancePointToPath

Detailed Description

Stores the point on a pathway boundary, the tangent at the associated path center line and the distance of a query point to the point on the path boundary - used by OpenSteer::mapPointToPathAlike.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::PointToPathMapping ( ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

float OpenSteer::DontExtractPathDistance::distanceOnPathFlag ( ) const [inline, inherited]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setDistanceOnPath ( float  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::DontExtractPathDistance::setDistanceOnPathFlag ( float  ) [inline, inherited]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setDistanceOnSegment ( float  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setDistancePointToPath ( float  distance) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setDistancePointToPathCenterLine ( float  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setPointOnPathBoundary ( Vec3 const &  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setPointOnPathCenterLine ( Vec3 const &  point) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setRadius ( float  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setSegmentIndex ( size_t  ) [inline]
void OpenSteer::PointToPathMapping::setTangent ( Vec3 const &  t) [inline]

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