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OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle Class Reference

#include <Obstacle.h>

Inheritance diagram for OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle:
OpenSteer::Obstacle OpenSteer::SphereObstacle

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class  PathIntersection

Public Types

enum  seenFromState { outside, inside, both }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AbstractObstacle ()
virtual Vec3 steerToAvoid (const AbstractVehicle &v, const float minTimeToCollision) const =0
virtual void findIntersectionWithVehiclePath (const AbstractVehicle &vehicle, PathIntersection &pi) const =0
virtual void draw (const bool filled, const Color &color, const Vec3 &viewpoint) const =0
virtual seenFromState seenFrom (void) const =0
virtual void setSeenFrom (seenFromState s)=0

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::~AbstractObstacle ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::draw ( const bool  filled,
const Color color,
const Vec3 viewpoint 
) const [pure virtual]

Implemented in OpenSteer::Obstacle.

virtual void OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::findIntersectionWithVehiclePath ( const AbstractVehicle vehicle,
PathIntersection pi 
) const [pure virtual]

Implemented in OpenSteer::SphereObstacle.

virtual seenFromState OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::seenFrom ( void  ) const [pure virtual]

Implemented in OpenSteer::Obstacle.

virtual void OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::setSeenFrom ( seenFromState  s) [pure virtual]
virtual Vec3 OpenSteer::AbstractObstacle::steerToAvoid ( const AbstractVehicle v,
const float  minTimeToCollision 
) const [pure virtual]

Implemented in OpenSteer::Obstacle.

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