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GamePipe::DebugText2D Class Reference

#include <DebugText2D.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DebugText2D (Ogre::SceneManager *, Ogre::SceneNode *node, Ogre::String)
virtual ~DebugText2D ()
void initialize ()
void update (float)
virtual void setColour (Ogre::ColourValue)
void setText (Ogre::String)
virtual void attachTo (Ogre::SceneNode *)
virtual void detach ()
virtual void setVisible (bool)
virtual bool isVisible ()

Public Attributes

Ogre::SceneNode * m_sceneNode

Protected Member Functions

Ogre::Vector2 getTextDimensions (Ogre::String)

Static Protected Member Functions

static Ogre::String getUniqueId ()

Protected Attributes

Ogre::MovableObject * object
Ogre::Camera * camera
Ogre::Overlay * overlay
Ogre::OverlayElement * textArea
Ogre::OverlayContainer * container
Ogre::Vector2 textDim
Ogre::Font * font
Ogre::String text
Ogre::SceneNode * m_parent
Ogre::SceneManager * m_manager
bool m_visible
Ogre::ColourValue m_colour

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DebugText2D::DebugText2D ( Ogre::SceneManager *  manager,
Ogre::SceneNode *  node,
Ogre::String  text 
DebugText2D::~DebugText2D ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void DebugObject::attachTo ( Ogre::SceneNode *  parent) [virtual, inherited]
void DebugObject::detach ( ) [virtual, inherited]
Ogre::Vector2 DebugText2D::getTextDimensions ( Ogre::String  text) [protected]
Ogre::String DebugObject::getUniqueId ( ) [static, protected, inherited]
void DebugText2D::initialize ( ) [virtual]

Implements GamePipe::DebugObject.

bool DebugObject::isVisible ( ) [virtual, inherited]
void DebugText2D::setColour ( Ogre::ColourValue  colour) [virtual]

Implements GamePipe::DebugObject.

void DebugText2D::setText ( Ogre::String  text)
void DebugObject::setVisible ( bool  visible) [virtual, inherited]
void DebugText2D::update ( float  deltaTime) [virtual]

Implements GamePipe::DebugObject.

Member Data Documentation

Ogre::Camera* GamePipe::DebugText2D::camera [protected]
Ogre::OverlayContainer* GamePipe::DebugText2D::container [protected]
Ogre::Font* GamePipe::DebugText2D::font [protected]
Ogre::ColourValue GamePipe::DebugObject::m_colour [protected, inherited]

Reimplemented in GamePipe::DebugCircle2D.

Ogre::SceneManager* GamePipe::DebugObject::m_manager [protected, inherited]
Ogre::SceneNode* GamePipe::DebugObject::m_parent [protected, inherited]
Ogre::SceneNode* GamePipe::DebugObject::m_sceneNode [inherited]
bool GamePipe::DebugObject::m_visible [protected, inherited]
Ogre::MovableObject* GamePipe::DebugText2D::object [protected]
Ogre::Overlay* GamePipe::DebugText2D::overlay [protected]
Ogre::String GamePipe::DebugText2D::text [protected]
Ogre::OverlayElement* GamePipe::DebugText2D::textArea [protected]
Ogre::Vector2 GamePipe::DebugText2D::textDim [protected]

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