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The USC GamePipe Game Engine, GGE, is a generic game engine created from the past work of many dedicated USC graduates. Numerous student groups build games, demos, and prototypes from the GGE. Modules such as UI, to Physics, to Rendering have been integrated into making a robust engine. One component though has always been severely lacking from the GGE, Artificial Intelligence.
In the past, two different teams have attempted to create a robust generalized AI system in the GamePipe Game Engine, which have only lead to multiple failures.
My implementation of the GGE AI was successful not just through long nights of coding, but through working very closely with each and every group responsible for the different systems within the GGE.
Platforms such as Havok, Ogre, OpenSteer, and Lua were all leveraged to allow for a flexible and robust AI system.

the Creation

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visual Debugging with Havok

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