David Young aka Goliath

So I think I might as well start at the beginning. Remember back in the days of the 286, 386, and mighty 486? hmm No? Well I do. I even have a altair 8800b! if you can believe that, even though I’ve never actually programmed it.

The 286 was my first computer back when I was at the age of 5, and it definitely hasn’t been my last! From MS-DOS, to Windows 3.11, to Linux, then back to Windows, I’ve done a lot.

I grew up surrounded by computers, programming, and of course gaming! It was only natural that I would take my hobby and passion and turn it into a career because like I always say, coding at home and work is double XP.

On my free time you can catch me programming TopCoder, Project Euler, answering stackoverflow or game development questions, and of course Gaming!

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Be sure to catch me on Steam or Xbox Live and lets play!